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Spotting Name Trends with Personalized Baby Gifts

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When everything you do is focused around personalized baby gifts and monograms you are generally quick to catch on to what baby names are trending and which are still truly unique. At Personalize My Baby Blanket, we always look forward to seeing just what people are naming their newborns, and like to see if we can spot trends growing for both boys and girls. What we've seen over the last few years was a return to "old-fashioned" names. Those that have been overlooked as too outdated have suddenly found new life. These traditional names, that have found recent popularity, include Abigail, Evelyn and Grace for girls; while boys are being named Jack, Henry and Samuel. New parents are choosing names that sound softer when spoken too. What are sometimes referred to as "water names" aren't as strong and include a lot of vowels instead of consonants. These names include Ellie, Ava and Amelia for baby girls, and Liam, Aiden and Owen for boys. 

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Names that are unisex are growing in popularity too. We've seen an explosion of requests for personalized baby shower gifts for babies named Riley, Sage and Harper in both feminine and masculine colors in ever-increasing amounts. And of course, movies and TV are still swaying new parents by giving them ideas for names they may not have thought of without the help of their favorite show. Names like Piper, Olivia and Walt have all grown in recent popularity. 

Since names play a part in everything we do here, we look forward to fulfilling your order for a customized baby blanket or monogrammed baby blanket with a truly unique or trending baby name that beautifully fits your new addition. 

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