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The Hottest Trend to Hit the New Mommy Scene

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Sure, you had baby shower, maybe even two, before the precious little family addition was born, but now that the new baby is here (in all its perfection) it's time to show him or her off with a Sip and See. Don't know what a Sip and See is? 

Sip and See parties are on the rise and is one of the new parent trends of 2014, one that we can get behind here at Personalizemybabyblanket.com. Sip and See parties allow friends, family and loved ones to drop by to enjoy the new little one on a scheduled date that is determined by Mom and Dad. Unlike baby showers, that are traditionally thrown for the mommy-to-be, either by a close friend or family member, a Sip and See is set up by the parents themselves; allowing them to control the entire event. Don't want to bother with decorations? Ditch them. Want people to only visit within a set amount of hours? You determine that time. Want wine and beer available? Include it. It's your party. Allow all those interested in meeting your new baby to do so on one established day and avoid weeks of drop-in visitors. Throw some quick snacks and maybe have some champagne handy and you can present your baby without having to be too formal. 

When it comes to baby gifts and Sip and See's, some new parents use the opportunity to request more staples and supplies that they didn't receive at the shower; others leave gifts as optional. Because the gender of the baby is now known, buying a gift for a Sip and See is easier. A customized baby blanket is a perfect choice for a Sip and See gift that is sure to stand out. Take us along to your first, or next, Sip and See and make a lasting impression with a monogrammed baby blanket.

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