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Top Three Trends in Baby Showers


Oh how we love babies at personalizemybabyblanket.com. What's not to love? The tiny fingers, the teeny toes, that new baby smell.... it's the baby showers that can wear a bit on the patience. After so many of them, baby showers can get a bit stale. The silly games, the lame finger food, the same boring rituals. Well, it seems that today's young moms must remember far too well the feeling of being dragged by their moms to yet another of her friends' baby showers and how dull they were, because this generation has turned up the creative party options and created new ways to celebrate their friend's little additions to their families. When planning a party or shower that gives a new twist on an old tradition, consider the following ideas:

  1. Including the guys in the fun. Where once baby showers were the domain of women, celebrations around the welcoming of baby now include daddy much more than they used to. With foods, drinks and even games that appeal more to the male gender, showers have opened up to include anyone and everyone.
  2. Going green. Instead of buying pricey, short-lived baby shower gifts that often see little use, consider throwing your eco-conscious friend a green party where the gifts are second-hand or "gently-used". Second-hand baby stores are a great option when searching for quality items that are safe and usable. Go paperless for invites, consider ways to alternatively wrap gifts by foregoing wrapping paper and serve organic or locally-grown food.
  3. Second baby (or third or ..... ) Throw her a sprinkle rather than a shower. Subsequent births should have just as much hoopla surrounding them; they just don't need to be so focused on supplying mom with gifts and accessories. A few needed items and diapers.... lots and lots of diapers.... should be the focus of this get-together. 

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