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Nursery Design Trends We Love

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With the holiday season well under way, we like to look forward to the new year to see what exciting and fun nursery decor trends are on the horizon. It's inspiring to us in the custom baby blankets industry to see all the different, unique and fun ways parents are decorating their children's bedrooms and play areas. After checking out the rest of the internet, various magazines and storefronts, we've come up with some of our favorite decorating ideas for the little ones. Let us know your favorite children's room design trends are or feel free to comment on the ones that we have listed here:

  • Ombre design. Fresh from the hair salons, the ombre concept of light to dark tones (or vice versa) has shown its pretty face in interior design. From furniture to art to the walls themselves, the subtlety of ombre tones is available in a number of nursery elements. 
  • No more matchy-matchy. Today's design-conscious parents are much less likely to add a "theme" to their nurseries than the generation that raised them. Mixing colors, textures and patterns create eclectic looks that are completely unique and personal. 
  • Give them the universe. Or at least make their sleeping and play areas bring the stars and planets within their reach. We our loving the galaxy and outer space concepts found in decor and textile items in delightful amounts. 
  • Furniture that has purpose and style. Where nursery furniture used to be all about helping mom out while keeping baby safe. Some of today's nursery furniture is beautiful enough to keep around for years after baby has grown. 

Brighten up the nursery and provide a treasured keepsake to the new parent in your life with a personalized baby shower gift of a monogrammed baby blanket that fits beautifully in that newly decorated retreat for their little one. 

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