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New Nursery Trends for 2015

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It dawned on us recently that the nursery design and function trends that we wrote a blog about were actually outdated, as it was an entire year since we last discussed what parents we doing with baby's private room. Because baby trends tend to change as quickly as baby's shoe size, we figured it was as good as time as any to relate what this year's parents of newborns are doing with their nurseries. Here are the trends that we have seen blossoming across the web:

  • Mini versions of grown up furniture. For those toddlers who get to share their nursery space, parents are letting big brother and sis feel special with their own fit-to-size seating. Wingback chairs and tufted sofas and ottomans are making an adorable little additions to nurseries, replacing cheap and basically disposable toddler furniture of old.
  • Inspiration everywhere. Where last year's nurseries were chock full of personalized blankets, walls and plush, this year's are intent on inspiring even the tiniest children to dream big. Inspirational posters and motivational messages are popping up in the most inventive and unique places. Rather than just giving another monogrammed blanket at your next baby shower, try a personalized baby shower gift or blanket that is emblazoned with "Dream Big" or "Reach for the Stars". 
  • The Golden Touch - Yellow gold has made a dazzling comeback and the nursery is no exception to its flashy allure. Metallic gold is shining bright on both furniture and accessories for both boys and girls. 
  • Low-key colors - Offsetting the gold will be softer hues. Last year may have been awash in corals, turquoise and navy, but 2015 nurseries enjoy a much more gentle pallet. Blushing pink, celery green and beige and gray soften nurseries with a calming hue.