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Wearing Your Baby Is Great For You!

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Here at Personalize My Baby Blanket, we absolutely love all things baby! Our personalized baby gifts and blankets are absolutely perfect for baby showers and mothers who only want the best for their children. As you surely know, mothers don't have time to spend hours going to and browsing baby boutiques. Instead, they turn to online shopping for fast and convenient shopping. Every single personalized baby gift that you order from us will fill your heart and home with delight and love.

We absolutely love that more and more women are wearing their babies. Studies have actually shown that wearing your baby reduces fuss and crying. In other indigenous cultures, women wear their babies as the norm and they only cry for a few minutes a day. As we're sure you already know, crying is exhausting both for the mother and the baby and can actually cause damage to the baby's brain development due to long-term stress from crying so often. In contrast, when a baby isn't spending its time crying, it can in turn spend its time taking in the environment around them and learning.

Baby wearing is also great for the mother, too. As we're sure you also know, exercising can be nearly impossible for mothers - especially new mothers. If you're able to wear your baby around with you during the day or even take he or she on a brisk walk, you get the dual benefits of both walking and "weightlifting!"

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