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Why do we Celebrate with Baby Showers?

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personalized baby gifts Having a baby is one of the most life-changing and joyful periods of a person's life. Honoring that transition and helping the new parents become prepared for their new addition is the purpose of baby showers. The ritual of baby showers actually has roots in ancient Greece and Egypt; though those early celebrations focused more on the success of the birth and were not held until after the baby was born. The first precursors to today's baby showers and their rituals were initially held during the Victorian Era. Though the events celebrating the milestone weren't generally held until after the baby was born, the parties did spawn the tradition of attendees playing games. The term baby shower is fairly modern term as participants are expected to "shower" the new mother with gifts for her new little bundle of joy. As the tradition continues to evolve around the values and priorities of a new generation and their culture, new rituals are established within the ages-old celebration of new birth. 

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